Create your own events

Organize, publish, promote and sell.

Host events that resonates with your audience

Easily create live or online events

One platform to manage it all. Odoo Events covers all aspects of an event manager's work: organization, visibility, promotion and sale. Use it with any kind of event, including conferences, meetings, seminars, training and webinars.

Design classy event web pages

Publish an event Web page has never been so simple

Great events offer great content

Organize tracks and manage speakers

Odoo's unique frontend and backend integration makes organization and publication extremely simple.

Automatically display your event’s agenda in a clear, classy design on your website.

Allow your visitors to easily search and browse through the program and talks; filter by tags, locations or speakers.

Easily design clear and visually appealing speakers' biographies talks descriptions.

Get sponsors to come to you

Sell sponsorship, promote your sponsors

Easily manage existing and new sponsors with Odoo Events. Add sponsors to your events and publish sponsors per level (e.g., gold) on the bottom of every page of the event. Sell sponsorship packages online through Odoo eCommerce.

Increase your events’ visibility

SEO integration and Google Analytics

Ready-to-use SEO tools are available directly in Odoo with no configuration required. Keyword suggestion according to Google most searched terms, automatically structured content to promote your events and products efficiently in Google, and Google Analytics integration to track your shopping cart. Events and sitemaps are created automatically.


Total promotion tools

Promote events efficiently on all channels

Segment your audience, leverage social media and email marketing to promote your events to the right audience. Odoo Events’ smooth integration with countless Odoo apps simplifies promotion to the extreme. Setup automated campaigns for attendees, or automatically send timely emails to registrants. Optimize conversions with ad-hoc landing pages for your different marketing campaigns.


Sell tickets online

Automate the registration and payment process

Manage registrations and sell tickets online to your events. Choose whether it is a free event or whether attendees need to register for a fee. Pick the paying method -pay online with a credit card or with the invoice. Define special conditions such as early-bird prices, member benefits or extra services with multiple tickets. All you need to boost your event attendance.


Clean Google Analytics integration

Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics

Know your event’s analytics inside out. Odoo's Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kind of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc. Analyze, improve, repeat! All Odoo marketing tools and programs (mass mailing, marketing campaigns, etc) are also linked with Google Analytics in order to provide you with a full 360° view of your business.