LiviC is a web based application for main contractors in construction industries to manage their operations. LiviC helps contractors in controlling their cash flow of each projects, payment to subcontractors based on actuals, RA bill generation on time etc.

Book of Quantity

Easy upload of Book of Quantity excel sheet to the application.Monitor each item work efficienty and without crossing the estimated quantity due to negligence from contractors.

Rate Preperation

Rate preperation can be created in advance for all common types of item works which can be easily used while preparing analysis preperation.

Rate Analysis

Preset rate preperation helps in quick preperation of rate analysis for each item work mentioned in the book of quantity.


Prequantification can be easily prepared by uploading prequantification sheet. In case, quantity exceeds estimated quantity mentioned in book of quantity, this information will be alerted to all stakeholders through all required mediums like emails, SMS etc.

Measurement book

Measurement book can be easily updated with spending leastamount of time just by checkbox selection on each item along with selection of date.

Estimated Material Usage

Preperation of Rate Analysis will provide total estimated material quantity and cost required for executing the entire project during the initial period itself. A material usage report based on measurement book update is also available which provides the actual quantity of material used till date.

PRW Bill

PRW bill can be automatically generated using the data entered for prequantification. This saves a huge amount of time for site engineers and also helps finance team in processing the payment for subcontractors on time based on actual work.

RA Bill

RA bill can be automatically generated using data entered for prequantification. On time submission on RA bills to clients will help the firm in running the project without cash flow deficiancies.